I had suffered from headaches since I was 10 years old, and dreaded travelling because it always set one off. But then so did a glass of wine, overcast weather, and so many other elements of normal life! A friend recommended chiropractic, and Helle's thorough examination revealed problems with my neck which were affecting my head and could be treated. After only two or three sessions, the headaches decreased dramatically, and my confidence and enjoyment of life was restored. I now have regular treatment to maintain this improvement. The positive effects of chiropractic have certainly changed my life for the better, and I only wish I had tried this form of treatment earlier.


A Dawney




I have been attending Lewes Chiropractic Clinic for 6 years and can only recommend it to others. I first went there for chronic neck and shoulder pain. It got so much better. When I go for regular maintenance my new aches and pains also get sorted. Tennis elbow, sprained ankle and various others over the years. I wish I had known about it earlier.

Julie C

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