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NOTICE – Covid 19

We are following government and professional association guidance and are able to see urgent
and non-urgent cases.


If you would like an appointment or if you have
any other queries, please contact us via email:

or send a message via the “Visit Us” page on
our website:

Payment by card is strongly
encouraged (debit cards only).


We would like to send everyone our
best wishes for good health.


​Helle Henriksen and Charlotte Etheridge.​

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We have made changes to the Clinic to reduce the risk
associated with Covid 19

​Following a detailed risk assessment we have made modifications to the clinic on several levels for the safety of our patients and staff.  

​We have altered the lay-out to enable social distancing.
In the waiting area there are fewer seats and further distance between them.

The receptionist is protected by a screen.

​We have increased spacing of appointments to allow time for cleaning and disinfection.

​ The chiropractor is wearing PPE.

The chiropractor and clinic staff have all had two
Covid vaccinations.

We require all patients to wear a mask, bring a large towel and wash or sanitise hands on arrival. 

We will also take an infrared temperature check.

Sanitisers are available in all rooms.

​We have changed surfaces of chairs and treatment benches to allow easy wiping with disinfectant.

New cleaning procedures have been introduced with frequent attention to any surfaces with potential contamination.

​Payment by card is strongly encouraged.

Tubes emitting germicidal UV-C light have been installed.
These kill bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus) in the air as well as on surfaces as an additional level of cleaning.
These will be used when the room is empty between patients and on a sessional basis.

We have taken a wide range of extra precautions in the way
we perform our duties with the highest regards for
everyone’s safety.

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