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“I am 6’7” tall & have had various problems with my back for over 30 years, for most of which I have been consulting Helle Henriksen. I have no hesitation in recommending Lewes Chiropractic Clinic  - I have always found Helle to be the consummate professional & I have absolute confidence in her advice & treatment. She always explains the cause of the problem & the treatment she intends to give before doing so - any manipulation necessary is given firmly but gently & with the utmost care. In recent years I have become a full-time sole Carer which has put additional strains on my spine - thanks to Helle I have so far been able to continue my Caring role without the need to call on outside intervention, which would not have been possible without her treatment & support. I moved from Lewes 25 years ago, but have continued to patronise Lewes Chiropractic Clinic because of the utmost faith I have in its practitioner.”  Steve N

"I had suffered from headaches since I was 10 years old, and dreaded travelling because it always set one off. But then so did a glass of wine, overcast weather, and so many other elements of normal life! A friend recommended chiropractic and Helle’s thorough examination revealed problems with my neck which were affecting my head and could be treated. After only two or three sessions, the headaches decreased dramatically and my confidence and enjoyment of life was restored. I now have regular treatment to maintain this improvement. The positive effects of chiropractic have certainly changed my life for the better and I only wish I had tried this form of treatment earlier".  A Dawney

"I have been attending Lewes Chiropractic Clinic for 6 years and can only recommend it to others. I first went there for chronic neck and shoulder pain. It got so much better. When I go for regular maintenance my new aches and pains also get sorted. Tennis elbow, sprained ankle and various others over the years. I wish I had known about it earlier".    Julie C

"I have suffered from low back pain for many years after doing a lot of lifting with my occupation. When I first went to the chiropractor, I was quite sceptic and didn’t know what to expect. After a thorough examination and lots of questions, the treatment was a pleasant surprise. I felt very tired and a bit sore the first day, but then the improvement started. My back got gradually better with the course of treatment. I now have regular check up’s to keep on top of it and feel much better for it".    David P

"Last year after heavy gardening, I got a severe pain in my back and leg. I couldn’t go to work, and could not get out of pain anywhere. The pain killers didn’t make much difference. I made an appointment with Dr Henriksen at Lewes Chiropractic Clinic. After consultation and examination she told me that I had such a bad case of disc prolapse that I was likely to need surgery. Her support and advice – mostly via phone calls – was invaluable. She guided me through the various appointments with doctors and surgeons and waiting for the MRI scan. To get to surgery took longer that I had hoped, and without the straight advice from the chiropractor would have taken even longer. I have had the disk operation and my life can now start to get back to normal. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who doesn’t know what kind of help they need".    Nick C

"Thank you so much for fixing my back and neck and hips.  I feel so much better than I did before! I can walk around places for ages – and my back doesn’t hurt a bit! – Thanks!"   Jessica H. Age 12

"After ignoring back and neck pain and twinges for years I decided to take some action, I had heard about chiropractic treatment so decided to try it.  Initially I was quite worried about the thought of being treated and what the session would entail.  But I had nothing to worry about, the staff and the Lewes Chiropractic Clinic were very friendly and put me at ease.  My chiropractor explained where the problems were and how we would be working to correct them, I had complete trust in her and after only a couple of session my back and neck felt so much better.  Now I just go along for check ups and they always fit me in to see someone if I have any concerns".   Rebecca L

"When I first visited Helle my back was so bad I could barely walk, I went to see her every day for a week.  It has been a long process and I still see her on a regular basis, but without her I don’t know where I would be.  Also, I  no longer suffer with headaches or, unbelievably, constipation, apparently other symptoms of a bad back, so I have been helped in other ways as well".    Ann G

"Following a difficult labour and forceps delivery with my son I was experiencing severe pain and discomfort of my coccyx. It was difficult to breastfeed as sitting for too long was very painful and it was also uncomfortable to drive for any distance. I was worried that lasting damage had been done and that I would never be able to regain my pre-pregnancy body and strength.  Hurrah for Helle! Following a friend's recommendation Helle was quickly able to diagnose a sprained coccyx which was exacerbated by pelvic asymmetry and after just two treatment sessions things improved dramatically. Two months on and four further treatments later I am back to my former self and can now enjoy this precious time with my son without any pain or discomfort.  Thank you Helle from the bottom of our hearts".
Mary H and Baby Charlie xx

I hadn't realised quite how bad my back and shoulders had become over time. I'm one of those people who just gets on with things and thinks everything will sort itself out, eventually. How wrong. I visited Helle when other remedies (painkillers and massage) were clearly not working and friends insisted I took my condition more seriously. After my very first session, I was transformed. Helle's careful, skilled and consultative approach put me at ease and after my first visit something unexpected happened. It didn't dawn on me how significant this was until a few days later when I realised I'd not had my usual migraine. I'd been having these debilitating episodes every 5-10 days for about 8 years. I've not had one since that first visit over 9 months ago - a life-changing bonus.

Since then, Helle has progressively treated my "spongey" back muscles carefully, methodically and holistically. She has taught me to revise my diet, identified deficiencies with vitamin levels and really helped me turn a corner in how to respect my back and what I put it through! I still have a little way to go on rebuilding strength and ability and it's been a long haul, but finally I have turned a corner to a much healthier, happier and pain-free life. Thank you, Helle.  Amanda D

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